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Located in Langley, BC, Sierrans Roofing Ltd. Specializes in cedar roofing installation for residential and commercial roofs. Sierrans services not only Langley but the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, more specifically the Fraser Valley. Cedar roofing has always been a preferred option due to its durability, natural look, energy efficiency, and increased value it gives a home.

Sierrans are not only the pro’s when it comes to cedar roofing installation, but they also repair and maintain cedar roof systems.


Why Choose Sierrans for Your Cedar Roof Installation?

Sierrans understands that replacing your roof is a big investment, and a cedar roof installation can be more costly than other roofing methods.

For this reason, Sierrans has a history of maintaining a high level of quality craftsmanship over their 20 plus years in the roofing business. They are proud members of the BBB and the majority of their work is born of referrals from satisfied customers.

Sierrans sets the bar high for their roofing crews and promises to exceed the level of expectation their clients have. It takes special attention to detail when it comes to cedar roof installation, that’s why they are meticulous with detail and customer care.

What You Can Expect from Sierrans:

  • Expect friendly service from the initial consultation to completion of the job.
  • They provide custom cedar roof installation solutions.
  • Special attention given to ensuring proper ventilation, wood spacing, decking, shake and single placement.
  • The best quality cedar roofing product is selected whether it’s shake, tapersawn or handsplit.
  • Inspection of current state of roof and make repairs where necessary to guarantee new roof will have longest possible lifespan.
  • Sierrans does things by the book, which means they are careful to adhere to local building codes and product guidelines for cedar roof installation.
  • They have trusted warranties that give you peace of mind when it comes to the cedar roof installation and cedar products.

Call Sierrans for Cedar Roof Installation

Sierrans are the trusted Langley roofing contractor when it comes to cedar roof installation. Whether you are looking for installation, inspection, repairs or routine maintenance, Sierrans will look after all your cedar roof needs. Get a free consultation by calling 778-997-8301 or email us at info@sierransroofing.ca. Alternatively, you can send us a message online if you are looking to have a cedar roof installed.

Products that Ensure a Quality Cedar Roof Installation

Sierrans prides themselves on being the best when it comes to cedar roof installation, and being the best means using the best in cedar roofing products. Sierrans uses both cedar shake and shingles and their team of experts will help you decide which is the best option for you.

All cedar products can be custom cut and come in options for preventative fire retardant or fungus treatments.


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