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Sierrans Roofing Ltd. is a metal roof contractor in Langley, BC who installs, replaces and repairs metal roofing for residential and commercial buildings throughout the Lower Mainland. Although not overly common due to being a more expensive roofing material, metal roofs have several benefits and under the right circumstances are the recommended choice. As a metal roof contractor, Sierrans tends to install metal roof systems when the following factors are at play in the decision making process:

  • Metal roofs (60 year life) are very durable and can last up to 3 times longer than more traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles (15 to 20 life).
  • Metal roofing can withstand the extreme elements like heavy snowfall and mighty wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour.
  • Metal roofs are environmentally friendly due to longer lifespan and less dependence on fossil fuels that asphalt shingles use.
  • Metal roof reflective properties will increase energy efficiency in heating and cooling your home.
  • Looking good! Today’s metal roofs are very stylish and give a modern look with over 100 colours to choose from. Designs include traditional vertical ribbed panels (standing seam) construction, metal shingles manufactured to resemble wood shakes, slate or clay tiles, or any other number of designs can be selected.

Metal Roof Installation Done Right

Sierrans understands that not everyone has had a good experience when it comes to metal roof installation. Because of the longer warranties of metal roofs, it is that much more important that things are done right. For this reason, Sierrans employs only the best in metal roof installers so that the job is done right and is built to last. Sierrans has high expectations when it comes to the quality of their work and promises a positive experience for any homeowner looking to install a metal roof.

What you get with Sierrans:

  • A happy metal roof installation crew!
  • A job that gets done quickly, efficiently and on time
  • A courteous and respectful roofing crew
  • A job site that is kept clean and organized
  • Licensed, insured and bonded
  • Staff fully trained in fall protection
  • Direct to deck method trained

Interested in Learning More About Metal Roofing?

Call Sierrans Roofing Ltd. to learn how a metal roof can save you money in the long run while giving you a modern look that will impress. Get a free consultation by calling 778-997-8301 or email us at info@sierransroofing.ca. Alternatively, you can send us a message online if you are looking to install a metal roof system.

Trusted Metal Roofing Products

Like all roofing systems that Sierrans Roofing Ltd. installs, they use only the best in metal roof products. Never replace your roof again with a Ziplock™ Standing Seam Metal Roofing system. These products come with a lifetime warranty which makes it one of the most cost effective options for roof replacement.

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