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Sierrans Roofing Ltd. has almost 20 years in the roofing installation business. Centrally located in Langley, BC, Sierrans is positioned to service the entire Lower Mainland and out into the Fraser Valley including Chilliwack and Hope. Although roof replacement keeps their crews busy all year round, new roof installation has been a growing part of their business due to multiple factors including:

  • New development and construction across BC has been steady year after year.
  • Multi-family buildings are more and more common and roofing companies can’t keep up.
  • Sierrans reputation in the industry has kept them busy due to strong relationships with developers and builders.
  • Sierrans crews have decades of combined experience working on large scale projects.
  • Organization and quality are key and Sierrans has attracted top level roofers that speak to that.

No Job Too Big for New Roof Installation

In most cases a roof will need to be replaced at least once in its lifespan. This of course depends on the climate of the region and the roofing product used. In any case, when it is time to replace your roof it is important to re-roof your home or building correctly using the right roofing products. Sierrans technicians will go over all aspects of your roof replacement including an initial inspection of the current state of your roof, careful consideration of product selection, detailed breakdown of cost and project schedule including completion date.

Things to consider when deciding to replace your roof:

Things to consider when deciding to replace your roof:

  • AGE: A common roof needs to be replaced every 15 to 50 years depending on the material used along with local climate factors. Substantial signs of wear along with more severe damage to your roof will prompt a property owner to replace their roof.
  • ASSURANCE: Even with no signs of failure, a roof can still show signs of wear which is an early indicator that the roof will need to be replaced. Waiting too long can be more costly down the road.
  • AESTHETICS: In cases where you renovate your home you may want to replace your roof with a product that better matches your new look. Increasing the home’s value is also a factor here.

New Construction Roofing Consultation

Call the professionals at Sierrans Roofing Ltd. for new home, multi-family complexes or commercial building construction. Get a free consultation by calling 778-997-8301 or email us at info@sierransroofing.ca. Alternatively, you can send us a message online if you are looking for roofing for new construction.


New Roof Installation Services for Builders and Developers

Sierrans Roofing Ltd. is known for working alongside both residential developers as well as custom home builders to install high-quality roofing systems.

Sierrans works with the most durable, reliable and current roofing products in the industry. The roof is the most essential element of a buildings makeup as it protects the rest of a buildings infrastructure below.

Sierrans has helped build solid reputations for not only themselves, but also for the builders and developers whom they work together with.

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