Roofing Repairs for All Roof Types

There are several reasons why you might need roof repairs including the age, an unexpected event like damage from a storm, dry-rot, moss, mold, or improper construction. Fortunately, roofing repairs can help remedy these issues avoiding complete roof replacement. A good thorough roof inspection will help to determine if you need roof repairs to prevent further damage or deterioration down the road.


When It’s Time for Roof Repairs

Located on the South Coast of beautiful British Columbia, we see a lot of wet weather. Because of this over time your roof will likely show signs of leaks or other damage like mold and dry rot. This doesn’t however mean that you need to replace your entire roof. Sierrans can extend the life of your existing roof by doing quality roof repairs by their crew of certified professional roofers. This is obviously good news that roof repairs will not only extend the life of your roof by additional years, but also will save you significant dollars.

Some signs we look for when doing roof inspections:

  • Water leaks around shingles, skylights, venting, flashing, or chimneys
  • Damaged or cracked roof tiles
  • Roof nails popping
  • Poor installation
  • Poor caulking and flashing or vent connections

Once Sierrans has assessed your entire roof area, they will go over with you in detail where the problem areas are and how they can be repaired. If the shape of your roof is beyond repair and poses safety risks, it will be recommended to replace your roof.


In need of roof repairs?

Nothing lasts forever, but there are certainly things that can be done to extend life. This is true when it comes to roofs. If you are in need of roof repairs, have a Sierrans roofing professional come out to inspect and repair any roof damage you may have. Get a free consultation by calling 778-997-8301 or email us at info@sierransroofing.ca. Alternatively, you can send us a message online.


Sierrans is GAF-Certified to do Roof Repairs

Sierrans Roofing Ltd. has the knowledge and expertise to repair all types of roofing systems for both commercial and residential buildings. They work with several brand name roofing products which means colour and product matching can be achieved seamlessly. Other common roofing components like fascia boards, soffits, gutters and downspouts experience wear and tear and may leak over time. Sierrans is capable and certified to repair these components ensuring long lasting life for years to come.

Sierrans is a GAF-Certified Roofing Contractor with some of the best roofing crews in British Columbia. What makes Sierrans stand out is they use the finest in roofing products with great warranties. This combination guarantees exceptional roof repairs that are built to last.

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